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Site Redesign and Prospects

Greetings to those who check the blog,

It's been quite some time since my last blog update, apologies for my absence, and lack of upkeep on website. The universal concept of constantly having to output product, whether that be through social media or the site, can be quite arduous. This is without mentioning having work that is NDA, or something worth showing by my own standards. That being said, some recent pages I've worked on will be posted this week that I worked on this winter season (pencils -The Darkness).

The purpose of this post is to update the future prospects of expanding artistic integrity of myself into a brand, and company. Although I will still be working under companies with various media, or contractual work, I will be making efforts towards self publishing/ company productions. This could possibly open avenues for more creators joining a collective group that fit the image or media being produced. This is still in the early birth stages of concept and purpose, nothing is set in stone for the time being.

Last updates:

Commissions have re-opened.

In my down time I am currently I am working on a script for my next comic. Without getting into detail, I am researching Nihilism and Japanese history, that is all i can say for now.

For more art posts and some comedy check out my Twitter, or Instagram. (links at the bottom of web page)


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