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Update: Artbook prints

Hello everyone! Quick update if you do not follow the official art page savage.cartoons_art on instagram, Prints of Invasion are available to preorder now! that preorder lasts until Oct. 31st for $35.00 any prints available after that time are full price- $45.00. Each print is hand crafted by Chazz Savage in a bound hard cover accordion book, with cover art. The piece is 3 ft long and 6 inches tall. Every print is numbered and signed. The variation of color are two separations purple and yellow. Only ten prints will be sold.

(Chazz Savage is already in the process of making his next formatted book, so new prints of this book are unlikely, so grab them while you can!)

Additional note: We are aware there is not a link option of purchases, please refer to the contact page if you are interested in purchasing a book and we will get back to you on payment options while we work on payment links in the near future.

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